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Friday, May 26, 2017

Will there be a large size difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7?

The iPhone 8 has not yet come out and we can see some protective covers. According to what we have been able to see the design of the next iPhone will not be far from the design we already know.

Possible cover from Mac Otakara

From Mac Otakara we have been able to see one of the cases that appeared in Alibaba, not only in images but also in video. They always say that when the river sounds water carries , and is that the first to find out the designs of any device are the manufacturers of covers . Seeing them, already makes clear how it is going to be aesthetically, and the truth is that we see nothing that we have not seen before. In this video we have been able to see how the design is very similar , although if we put an iPhone 7 inside we see that it dances , that is to say, that it does not stay adjusted to him, which would suppose a size slightly superior to the size of 4.7 " But rather smaller than the Plus Size.
Much has also been rumored about the thickness it will have, and the medium Mac Otakara assures that it will be thicker with respect to the size of the previous models.

How is this filter case for the iPhone 8?

Mac Otakara iPhone 8 Case
Detail in which we can see that the iPhone 8 will be longer than the iPhone 7
In this image you can see what I mentioned before: the last model of phone launched by Apple is quite discolored inside said sheath , which shows that it will be slightly wider and considerably longer. According to the leaks this iPhone would measure 144 mm high, 71 mm wide and 7.7 mm thick, while the measures of the iPhone 7 are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm. The difference is not much, but something different is.
Mac Otakara iPhone 8 Case
Difference between sizes
In this image you can see what it would look like compared to the latest models, and the curious thing is that, at first glance, the width of the device resembles more than the size Plus than the 4.7 " , which would not like to Those users with small hands, since they could not enjoy what Apple announces, and is that you can get from one side to another with just using a finger.
Mac Otakara iPhone 8 Case
The most rumored probably is the double vertical camera, element that is included in the sheath. What we do appreciate is that, compared to the Plus model camera, it would be quite larger , or at least that reveals the gap they have left.
Finally, it should be mentioned that the arrangement of the buttons and connections remains practically the same, except that the volume knobs are now slightly more distanced from each other. The rest are still in the same place. Another appreciation is that the Touch ID gap does not appear in the back , which would indicate that the button would be virtual, either by function area as we show here , or simply a virtual button without more. All this of what I just talked about you will be able to see it in the video that I leave you next. You know that we are waiting for you in the comments!

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