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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

14 new iOS features not announced during presentation

After seeing the main novelties of iOS 11 , we still have a series of details not commented during the Keynote of opening of the WWDC 2017 of last Monday, that little by little they have been transcendence as the developers were meeting them when trying the first version of Testing (beta) system.
In this article we are going to list a few, besides the one that allows to customize the Control Center and that we saw yesterday ;

Unused apps in a long time can be uninstalled automatically

It all happens that after many months using the iPhone, most of the Apps we download are no longer used. We simply forget that they are there, occupying a precious storage space on our iPhone or iPad. With a new option in the Settings App, iOS 11 is now able to uninstall the Apps that we have not used in a long time fully automatically .

New virtual keyboard for use with one hand

If you're one of those who like to use the iPhone with just one hand, a new iOS Virtual Keyboard mode lets you zoom in to one side of the screen to have morehandFinger , very useful especially if you use an iPhone Plus with the bigger screen.
IOS 11 Virtual Keyboard
This keyboard is accessible by leaving the keyboard selection button pressed and choosing which side you want it to have.

Code buttons on the lock screen with a different look

When Craig Federighi was presenting some of the news during Keynote, we saw that the buttons to enter the security code on the lock screen had a different design. Now they are solid, without a line around them, and with a heavier and easier-to-read typeface than before.

The iPad virtual keyboard has new gestures

On the iPad, we can now see other symbols in a lighter gray color on each key. By pushing each key down, we can enter that symbol without changing the keyboard of symbols or numbers with the corresponding key. A slide up allows us to enter accents, as before, and leaving the button pressed a second also shows us other characters related to that key, just as it happened before.

Most contrasted and visible font

In general, almost all texts throughout the system can be read better when using a slightly heavier typeface, as we already have the changes of the buttons on the lock screen.
IOS 11 font

Siri and search options are together

Now in the Settings App the Siri options and searches are unified in the same place, and it is also possible to choose custom search settings for each of the Apps installed in this section, so that we can choose if we want Siri Can look into the content of an App, or not.
Search settings in iOS 11

Recommendations to free up storage space

The Settings App now gives us recommendations to be able to recover storage space by deleting messages in the Messaging App or for example by activating the uninstallation of Apps that we have not used for a long time, as we have seen before.
Storage settings in iOS 11

Automatic emergency calls

Now you can configure our iPhone to make an emergency call if we press the power button five times in a row. Be careful, obviously, if we activate this option when we have the iPhone in a bag, we could be making emergency calls without knowing it. It is unlikely that this button will be pressed five times in a row quickly, but not impossible.

AirPods Settings

Now we can customize what happens when we give two touches to the AirPods, each one, the right or the left. We can ask for Siri to appear by giving two touches to the right, or to stop the music by doing the same with the left, for example. This sure fit will make users happy with these fantastic Apple wireless headsets.
AirPods settings on iOS 11

QR codes in the Camera App

The Camera App now automatically searches for QR codes. This is not going to please the developers of the thousand Apps QR codes in the App Store, but now you just have to slide the lock screen to the left to use the iOS Camera App and point it to a code, in A second we will have the text or URL of that code without even need to unlock the system. In countries like China or Japan, these codes are used daily by many people.

Pause photo upload to iCloud Photo Library

It is now possible to pause the upload of photos and videos to the iCloud Photo Library, so that we can save battery if we have little left. It is usual to return home after a long day and have only 10 or 15% of battery remaining. If the system is uploading many photos or videos to iCloud when connecting to our home Wi-Fi network, it may be that this low battery charge disappears before we connect the iPhone to its Lightning cable to charge it again. With this automatic pause, we can avoid this problem.
Pause uploads to iCloud Photos Library

Settings copied from another nearby iPhone

Have you changed the iPhone? - setting up a new device will now be less tedious because iOS 11 lets you copy settings from one iPhone to another just by putting them close together. Preferences and other things like web page passwords will be copied automatically although obviously you need to authorize this with your Apple account.

Record what you do on the screen

At last. After ten years, iOS lets you record in a video what happens on the iPhone screen. A long time ago it was necessary to do the Jailbreak to get to do the same, but now we can start to record the screen directly from the new Control Center, adding the button for this task when configuring it from the Settings App.

Ingelitente inverted interface

It is now possible to invert the interface to a dark one, but it will only be done for button elements and menus, never for images or videos, there is the smart thing 

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