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Saturday, June 3, 2017

4 things about Steve Jobs that you did not know

The first person we think of when we hear the name of Apple, is without a doubt, his father and founder, Steve Jobs. This man was considered by many people as a genius of the century in which we live . Steve left us almost 6 years ago, but even today his characteristic features are still reflected in many products of the company.
Today we are going to tell you a series of things that you did not know about Steve, so you understand where it all started, what his personality was like and what he had inside himself to get from a project between friends in a garage to what Apple is today .

Starting at the minimum

Steve Jobs
As we said above, everything started in a garage. More than 40 years ago, in 1975, Steve Jobs created and founded Apple under Steve Wozniak . They both started building piece by piece and hand computers in their parents' garage. In just 8 years, in 1983, Apple was already on the Fortune 500 , and not last precisely, as they were the 411. The jump from the garage to being millionaires took a speed of vertigo.

He did not like university

Steve Jobs sitting next to Bill Gates
True, one of the most important icons in the world of electronics, he hated college, he felt he was not made for the university environment , only lasted a semester at Red College, Oregon. He only attended classes in calligraphy, because he hated the educational system of the time. He worked at Atari, one of the pioneering companies in the world of video games.

Another jump, from Apple to Pixar

Steve Jobs not only made history with Apple, but also with Pixar
Steve was dismissed in 1985, only ten years after the creation of Apple, but this did not pose a problem for him, as he became the president of the so famous Pixar, which he himself . Pixar gave birth to Toy Story, the first animated film created entirely through a computer and other children, such as Bichos.

Back home

Introducing the iPhone in 2007
12 years after his departure from Apple, Steve came back and put every thing in its place within the company and got to work on new projects. This gave rise to the iMac , then the iBook notebooks and finally, the great accompaniment of iTunes, the iPod music player . But it did not end there, because in 2007 brought out the first iPhone , revolutionizing what was known about mobile phones so far.
Something is clear, Steve Jobs was a peculiar person and very loved by many people, not only from Apple, but from around the world. It revolutionized the electronics industry and gave a new point of view to millions of people. A visionary, a genius and the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs.

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