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Monday, June 12, 2017

7 photograph tricks for your iPhone

Today we come back to the load with new tricks to take advantage of the camera of your iPhone. You know that the cameras that have been developing the engineers of Apple have been surpassing in each edition, although on the Californians always has weighed the stigma of not doing good cameras. In any case, you have an iPhone and you want to make the most of it with these 7 tricks that we explain .

Ready Set Go!

Pay more attention to the 1: 1 format

It is available from iOS 7, was implemented in 2013. It is ideal for social networks , in fact it was developed for applications like Instagram . It gives a square photo format.

Edit your photos

Analysis of the camera of the iPhone SEVery simple to do if once done go back to the Photos folder and click on the icon that you find right next to the trash. They are three horizontal stripes with circles. You have at your disposal simple filters, black and white or amount of light . Many times you just need to make a few changes to get the perfect picture.

Shoot in burst

Tips to get the perfect angle in our photos with the iPhoneThis way you will not miss the best photography . Later you can eliminate the ones that you do not want and presume before your friends of your abilities.

Down from the cloud, or up

Tips to get the perfect angle in our photos with the iPhone
We can make good pictures by putting your iPhone at ground level, or if you get on a chair . Your snapshots will take on a dimension very different from the one we are accustomed to appreciate.

Flash if there is good light, too

LED type notifications with the flash of your iPhoneDo not leave it only for moments of low light , it is also interesting to be able to use it when we have a powerful light behind us. This will illuminate the object you want to photograph and avoid shadows.

Make use of a car reflector

reflectorYes, the same that you use on the windshield to avoid roasting on the beach. It is a cheap and simple trick used by professionals, obviously with other types of reflectors. The results are surprising and the investment is minimal. If the windshield reflector does not convince you, you have very cheap alternativesthat you can not miss.

Activate grid

Active grid cameraThis trick is used to come out fully aligned, a very useful tool to get aesthetically square photos. By default it is disabled, but it is activated in Settings> Photos and Camera.
We recently published an article with essential tricks to photograph with the iPhone . With this you will be able to complete what you have already learned, and hopefully you are putting into practice. If you liked this publication, share it in your social networks and leave us comments your tricks to make photographs that leave the staff with open mouth.

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