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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

About 20% of Windows users would move to Mac

It has always been discussed the great difference that exists between Windows and Mac . It should be noted that the Cupertino operating system has an architecture based on the UNIX philosophy, being this one of the pioneers in the first computer systems. On the other hand, the Microsoft system offers a broad compatibility with the exterior that it is difficult not to surrender to this possibility.
To this day, macOS is a system with a clean and very careful design . In addition, in security issues Apple has no rival, since the percentage of virus is almost non-existent compared to the system of Mr. Bill Gates. Still, what do users think about this?
In a survey of current Windows and Mac users, conducted by Verto Analytics , the results were as follows. Around 21 percent of Microsoft users would be willing to move to the apple system . It should be emphasized that this statistic is among users with incomes higher than 150 thousand dollars annually .

Expected results

As one might expect, the statistic declines by asking a group of users with incomes less than $ 15,000 per year , since it would be 14 per cent who would be willing to change systems in a short time.

On the other hand, the survey of Mac users determined that only 2 percent of them are thinking of switching to Windows . So we could conclude that 98 percent of MacOS users are happy with the product .
After analyzing the results, it seems that the statistics speak for themselves. And is that aspects such as design, security and the great fluidity of the system are far superior to those of Microsoft. And although the computers of the Californians in the beginning prove somewhat expensive, in the end it becomes a very well invested capital .

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