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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Adobe Scan, the OCR tool for scanning documents with iPhone

This is the latest addition to Adobe, which will provide us with the ability to scan physical documents using an Optical Character Recognition ( OCR) scanner . Compared to other similar applications of the App Store, this one has a great point in its favor with respect to the rest, since it is totally free, without watermarks nor any subscription.
Adobe Scan: pdf scanner, documents, sheets
The fact that it is free is not its only point in favor, because its interface and use is really simple , we just have to open the app and put it in front of the document, folio, poster or whatever we want to scan and automatically the application the Recognize. You will start by detecting the edges of the document, take a photo, touch the perspectives, lights, etc., and after all this process, will take the text inside.

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As we can expect, documents after being scanned will be instantly transformed into PDF files, so that we can manipulate them at our whim in a very comfortable way, since files of this type are very simple and can be modified without any difficulty.
Once we test it and get this up and running, the application will tell us the following: "Move quickly from the paper version to the digital version. The free application Adobe Scan turns your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR). Convert whatever you want - receipts, notes, images, documents, business cards, whiteboards - into an Adobe PDF file with content you can reuse. "
To perform this function, the application uses technology from its sister Adobe Sensei , which allows us to store all multimedia content automatically in our Adobe cloud . Something to keep in mind is that we can open that cloud and move the files with any application that is from this company.
Since computers and Apple devices are designed to have a job purpose , as they are the most comfortable and agile when it comes to working, this would be a step forward in this field, since we would have a function that until now only the Printers inside our mobile phone.
The majority of collaborations that Apple has with other big brands are not without success , and we expect less of this application, which will open many doors to small companies and encourage others to continue growing, all thanks to the company of the Apple bite already Adobe.

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