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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

AirPlay 2, what improvements does it bring?

Yesterday Apple introduced iOS in November , and this was presented with AirPlay 2, plus many other features.

What is Apple's AirPlay?

AirPlay is an Apple technology that allows WiFi to send content from one device to another to play it.
A clear example of use could be to retransmit a movie from our Mac to an Apple TV. Another example might be in case you are with your iPhone and want to play a playlist of songs on a compatible speaker, for example.
The good thing about this technology is the ease with which it can be used, because you do not need cables to connect everything, because it is done wirelessly, nor do you need to install anything special. Of course, whenever you have an Apple device or compatible.
AirPlay with the Apple TV and a MacBook.
AirPlay with the Apple TV and a MacBook.

The improvements in AirPlay 2

This Monday of June 5 was the presentation of the WWDC (remember that the conference will last until this Wednesday). In that event we were introduced to the new operating systems of Apple, in addition to the features they would have, and among them is AirPlay 2 .
This is just a second improved version of the technology we discussed earlier. And what improvements does it bring? While at the user level improvements can be insignificant in most cases, these have a great engineering behind.

One to several devices and integration with HomeKit

One of the main features of AirPlay 2 is the integration with HomeKit . In this way, certain compatible devices may appear as one more device in HomeKit.
Another major advantage of AirPlay 2 is the broadcast of content from one device to several devices. That is, in the original AirPlay technology it was only possible to transmit the contents of the iOS or macOS device to another device, be it an Apple TV or another device of another compatible brand. But this has changed. Now if, for example , you're playing a playlist in the Music app, you can send the audio to more than one device. In this way, the music can be played in two completely different speakers, which can even be in different rooms.
In addition, to facilitate the task of spreading content between multiple devices, Apple will also allow to create groups of devices . In this way you can group all your devices to be able to send with a simple click the content to those devices. And how? Well in the case of iOS would be from the control center , and in macOS is still unknown how it would be done.
Multi-room, the signature feature of AirPlay 2.
Multi-room, the signature feature of AirPlay 2.

When can it be used?

As we have said, it is unknown exactly how it would be used. This is because it is not yet available .
This feature will be released with the next generation of Apple operating systems. Specifically, in the presentation yesterday we were presented on an iPhone with iOS 11 , but the first beta that has shared the company with developers does not contain this feature . Therefore, we will have to wait for future betas or the final version of the operating system to know more about this feature.
And with what devices can be used? 2 will be supported AirPlay devices only fit for it, and that a device is compatible with AirPlay does not support AirPlay 2. Although in many cases, an update of the  firmware will be enough to make it compatible. In addition, they have announced that they are preparing new devices , and would be collaborating with companies such as Bang and Olufsen, Definitive Technology, Devialet and Bluesound, as well as with Beats itself.
Companies that have agreed with Apple to carry AirPlay 2.
Companies that have agreed with Apple to carry AirPlay 2.


As you can see, there is still much to know about this new feature introduced by Apple in its WWDC. We still hope to know more information soon, when developers can gain access to these features.

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