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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

AirPods will be more important to Apple than its Apple Watch

Although its selling price in Spain reaches 179 euros, a much lower than the Apple Watch (between 339 euros to more than 1,500), some analysts start Apple that give more popularity and more profitability to Apple's wireless headsets than Cupertino's own smart watches. According to analyst Gene Munster, the AirPods will be "bigger and more important to the company than the Apple Watch" in the next decade.

AirPods would be more profitable for Apple than Apple Watch in the next decade

Munster predicts that AirPods could be "almost the same amount of revenue" for Apple as its own smart clock for fiscal year 2022. In addition, Gere says the AirPods will have an average price of 250 euros by then, one A figure that will remain fairly tight as the product changes to what it calls "the new audio increased."
"The AirPods: Bigger than the Apple Watch. In the next 10 years, we anticipate that AirPods will be more important than Apple Watch, as this product will evolve from a simple wireless headset to a portable audio device and increased. In the meantime, the AirPods segment like the Apple Watch segment should continue to grow, however, we believe AirPods can contribute the same amount of benefits as Apple Watch in 2022 . We expect the price of AirPods to increase from € 179 today to € 250 per year by 2022 thanks to the increased audio features. "
While it is true that Apple does not usually give any exact figure of the sale of these products (neither AirPods nor Apple Watch). Both are within the same sector called by Apple as " Other Products ". A sector where Apple reported the last time it had reached a revenue of over 2.8 billion dollars, this means 31% more than the previous year. Figures that have experienced a remarkable increase since the launch to the market of the wireless headsets of Apple.
Apple Watch
Introducing the Apple Watch
Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the response to Apple's new headsets had been "cool" on the part of users, a situation understood by seeing the enormous difficulty that many users had in making themselves With one of these.
Demand for AirPod significantly outpaces supply, and growth in Beats products has also been very strong ," Cook said. "In fact, when we combine revenues from Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones, revenue from products equals revenue earned by any other Fortune 500 company."

Accessories with a low starting price compared to the competition

Although the launch of these took place more than six months ago, the AirPods continue to have stock problems. Another Apple analyst named  Neil Cybart said that Apple is "disparaging" the price of the Apple Watch and AirPods to attract new users to its ecosystem . An "unimaginable" strategy ten years ago, when Apple was accused of setting potentially high prices as part of its exclusivity plan (also called "Apple Tax").
Apple Watch and AirPods included in the other category
Both Apple Watch and AirPods included in the "other products"
Cybart pointed out that both AirPods and Apple Watch could have market launch prices of up to 100 euros more than the current with Apple's previous policy. However, it seems that these wireless headsets have been well received by their first users, as Apple said, achieve a 98% satisfaction rate in a recent survey conducted by Experian and market research firm Creative Strategies.

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