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Saturday, June 10, 2017

All the new features of the iOS Control Center 11 and how to configure it

Apple has completely redesigned the iPhone control center on iOS 11 , but not only has it given it a new look, it has also added new features that are much in demand by users such as the ability to add and remove shortcuts to functions They interest you In this article we are going to give a review to all the new functions of the center of control of iOS 11 and we will tell you how to configure it to your liking.

  • iOS Control Center 11 what's new?
    1.1  All on one screen1.2 Sharing internet and mobile data1.3 Non-configurable fixed accesses

  • Setting up the iOS Control Center 11What is the purpose of each of the control center options and what functionality do they have?

IOS Control Center 11 what's new?

Everything is new in the Control Center of iOS 11, Apple not only radically changes the design, it gives a plus of functionality that many users will be grateful for.

All on one screen

In iOS 10 the iPhone control center could be a bit confusing and inconvenient for some users as it showed the main settings on the first screen but if you wanted to access the music controls you had to swipe to access a New screen. The thing was complicated even more if you had some device controlled with HomeKit since a new screen was added.
With iOS 11 everything is simpler, the new control center shows all the options available in a single screen. And when we say all are all, since although we can now put up to 17 shortcuts in the control center  you do not need to move from one screen to another, they are all in the same, although if you put many you will have to scroll down to see them all .
Control Center-iOS-11
Although for now the most that you will see in the screen of the control center of the iPhone are 17 icons the functionality is much greater, since many of them will offer you more functions to do 3D Touch on them.

Share internet and mobile data

At last we can quickly access two options that many demanded. With iOS 11 Apple adds to the control center a button to share internet and another to activate or deactivate the mobile data quickly.
Connectivity options iOS 10 Vs iOS 11

Non-configurable fixed accesses

Even though it is very configurable, the iOS 11 Control Center has certain fixed sections in which it is not possible to put or remove accesses or change them.
They are basically the same ones we had in the old Control Center:
  • Connections: The section where we find the Bluetooth buttons, AirDrop airplane mode etc.
  • Music Widget
  • Screen rotation lock
  • Do not bother
  • AirPlay
  • Brightness of the screen
  • Volume
All of these options will always be displayed at the top of the Control Center and we will not be able to change them.

How to set up the iOS Control Center 11

When you install iOS 11, by default, the Control Center will display the same initial options that you had in iOS 10, although as we mentioned a few lines above, they are all presented in a single page.
The row of widgets on the bottom can be configured: change the position icons and put or remove the ones you want.
To configure the iOS 11 control center follow these simple steps:
Step 1 - Enter Settings and then choose the Control Center option
Step 2  Now you are going to see two Widgets lists, the ones above are the ones you already have activated in the control center, the ones below that you can add. Touch the + or  buttons next to each widget depending on whether you want to put them or remove them.
Step 3- You can change position any of them by leaving your finger on the three horizontal lines, which you will see on the right side of their names, and dragging your finger up or down.

What is the purpose of each of the control center options and what functionality do they have?

It will be helpful to know what each of the options you have available to customize your Control Center. Remember that the same icon can do several things if you activate the 3D Touch on it or you hold it for a few seconds, if you do not have a device with 3D Touch.
We are not going to discover anything new with this ... It gives light !.
Functions with 3D Touch:  When using 3D Touch on this icon appears a slider to regulate the intensity of light. As you leave the intensity when you turn off the flashlight will be the one you have the next time you turn it on.
A quick tap on the icon opens the clock application in the timer section.
3D Touch Functions : When 3D Touch covers the timer icon a slider appears to adjust the time, the first 5 levels of the timer increase one minute the time, from there they are uploaded every 5 minutes. From this same time setting screen you can start the timer without entering the clock application.
A quick tap on the calculator icon opens the application.
3D Touch Faces : When 3D Touch on the calculator icon opens a screen that allows you to copy in last value.
A quick tap opens the iPhone's camera with the default option.
3D Touch functions:  When doing 3D Touch we see several options that will allow us to open the camera in a certain function, such as Record a video, do a selfie etc.
Control-center camera-iOS-11
This is one of the control center options that I like the most, and if you have an Apple TV sure you will love it too.
3D Touch Functions: When doing 3D Touch appears a virtual control with which you can handle your Apple TV 4 exactly the same as if you had in hand the Siri Remote, a real pass.
A very quick way to access your iPhone's clock app, but by going straight to wherever you want.
3D Touch functions: When doing 3D Touch we can choose to open the clock to create an alarm, start the stopwatch or resume the timer.
If you have activated various accessibility features this widget will give you direct access to them.
3D Touch functions: Activating  this icon of the control center will leave the options that you have configured in the section "Quick function" of accessibility "
Exactly the same functions as the alarm widget, you can open the Clock App in the section to create alarm, start timer or start timer.
This is an accessibility option that lets you choose how your iPhone will behave when you leave it to someone. For example, if you leave a child to play a game and activate guided access, you can tell the iPhone to stop responding to the home button or even disable some part of the touch screen so it does not respond by touching it.
The guided access icon in the control center starts this function immediately.
Another accessibility option that is now very close at hand. The magnifying glass is a camera with which you can take photos and enlarge them to see in detail text or other things. It is something quite spectacular and very useful at certain times for people who do not walk very well from the view.
A novelty of iOS 11, if you activate this mode you will avoid notifications, calls or anything that may distract you while driving. You can activate it from the Control Center and turn it off automatically when you stop driving.
Quick access to power saving mode, you can now activate it whenever you want in a second, without entering the settings of the iPhone.
If you have to point something out this is the quickest way to do it.
3D Touch Functions: A screen opens where you can choose at which point, the Notes App, will open.
Quickly access the voice memos application on your iPhone
3D Touch Functions: Displays a screen to launch the application in which you can also choose to listen to your last recordings.
One of the new things we like about iOS 11, we can now record the screen of our iPhone, everything we do while the recording is active will be recorded and saved on our reel. With a quick tap on the control center icon, recording starts immediately.
3D Touch Functions: When doing 3D Touch we will be able to choose if we want that, besides the video, also register the audio through the microphone of the audio so that we hear what we say.
A shortcut that allows us to increase or decrease the size of the text we see on the screen.
3D Touch functions: A slider appears that allows us to choose the text size comfortably and quickly.
Your saved credit cards will appear in Wallet.
3D Touch Functions : Displays a screen where you can view your cards or add a new one.
This is all that brings us the new Control Center iOS 11, maximum functionality and customization, a space where the functions of the iPhone and iPad you use most to have a quick access to them.

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