Thursday, June 8, 2017

Amazon Stops Offering Unlimited Online Storage

Amazon has given bad news to its users a few minutes ago; They stop offering an unlimited online storage plan . His bet was very attractive; For just over $ 60 a year, one could store all the data you want in your cloud, but with certain limitations ... via web could only upload files up to 2 GB, but via application or directly from the folder that we have synchronized with The service, as with Dropbox, allows you to save much heavier files. Now, Amazon shows this message to its subscribers.
This, translated, comes to say ...
Amazon no longer offers an unlimited storage service. You can stay in your current plan until the end of your subscription, or visit the options to see the new subscription plans. Prime members' plans for unlimited photo storage do not change.
The prices they offer in exchange for new unlimited plans are much more expensive.
Amazon Cloud Drive New Plans
Bad news is probably given by the fact that a data storage service can not be profitable in any way, at least today. Amazon Cloud Drive is no longer an interesting offer and most users who have probably leave the service when they finish their current subscription in the coming months. Meanwhile , Apple has doubled iCloud's online storage space to 2 TB for 9.99 Eurodollars .
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