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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Apple acquires a German company specializing in augmented reality

The future of technology is undoubtedly the augmented reality . For years, this new technology has had a great echo in the next projects of the different companies of the sector, and is that this new concept will become the great bet of the near future .
It has long been known that the company's engineers are undergoing research and development in this type of technology . Without going further, few hours ago it has been known that the Cupertino company would have acquired the company SensorMotoric Instrument . What is this firm dedicated to?

Augmented reality: Apple's next goal

It is a German company specialized in computer vision. For several decades the company has developed glasses based on virtual reality and augmented reality . Without a doubt, this new purchase by Apple opens a new world of possibilities in the company with both virtual and augmented reality.
It should be remembered that the Cupertino firm has been following this strategy for many years. And is that the purchase of companies by the Californians has become vital to carry out future innovative projects , as is the case of the autonomous car Apple.
On the other hand, if Apple became one of the first companies to launch a product with this technology could capture most of the market , translating into big profits for the apple company.
This news can be supplemented with the newly presented ARKit . This platform would be intended for developers to launch new applications using different sensors and cameras. It is very likely that in a time not too distant, we see in Apple market the first fruits of the integration of augmented reality in the platform of Tim Cook.

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