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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Apple change storage plans on iCloud

As I did in the past, Apple has decided to change storage plans in iCloud , where to many people's misfortune, we are still limited free 5GB plan.
Basically, the Cupertino have decided to eliminate the 1TB plan and lower the price of the 2TB, leaving also available options of 50 and 200GB for users who do not need as much storage space.

This is the new storage plans in iCloud

  • 5GB: Free
  • 50GB: € 0.99 per month
  • 200GB: € 2.99 per month
  • 2TB: € 9.99 per month
On the other hand, it seems that Apple plans to release during the autumn family storage plans , that is, the extra iCloud space can be used by the whole family and not by just one person.
In this way, the plan of 200GB and especially the 2TB will become much more interesting than at this time thanks to the possibility of paying the monthly subscription between several users.
Will any of you consider the possibility of using iCloud thanks to the news that have arrived and are coming?

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