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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Apple confirms they are working on a stand-alone car

Over the years, the amount of rumors that Apple was working in a hidden way in the project of a car, is incredible. There are thousands and thousands of photos still circulating online and by the media on this subject today. As the world of the automobile moves infinitely more money a year than, for example, the market of smart mobile phones. That's why the Cupertino company is interested in carrying out a project on a car.
Today it has been confirmed by its CEO, Tim Cook, has said that yes, the company is very interested in this subject in question and that is a project in which they are working to this day, but that have a little side, for Now , because it is not one of your highest priorities. We understand that this may be due to the immense amount of staff that will have working on other products, such as the iPhone 8 between them, which for what we expect is impressive and so you will need love from Apple to carry out this reality.

As will be?

Possible concept of the Apple electric car
Coming from a company as the bite apple company, we expected the car to be electric and autonomous, in addition, the rumors raised these beliefs about the future car of the company. Although Cook has made clear that it does not enter into the next Apple projects, we finally have an official confirmation from the California firm on this issue , as we said before, it was all speculation and rumors .
Removing the fact that we finally know something more about the autonomous and electric car that the company will present in the future, we can not say much more, because they have not given us a date to give us an idea or anything related to when they will start or what They plan to do, but the difficulty will come to Apple when they try to make the car autonomous with artificial intelligence.
Apple Car Concept
We also have to keep in mind that the Cupertino company is still new in this field, it may take time to break the ice and maybe one day they will present themselves as competition against serious brands in the automotive market . So far we can only dream and wait for Apple to bring this project to light in some future keynote , as it would be, once again, an incredible innovation by this company facing the world.

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