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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Apple could work with Hertz in the development of the autonomous car

It has long been known that the Cupertino firm is developing its own autonomous car . Unfortunately, to this day we do not know what features this car will have and what technologies it would apply to develop it. Even so, the Apple company continues to take small steps in its development through shopping and deals.
On this occasion, the company itself could collaborate with Hertz in the implementation of its first autonomous car . Hertz is a company known worldwide, although for those who have not heard of it, it is worth mentioning that it is a car rental company . This way Apple would find it much more comfortable to extend its standalone model.

Apple's Big Project

To this day we do not know what are the main objectives of Apple in regard to this subject. If it is true that some analysts have stated that the service of autonomous vehicles of the block would go to companies . It seems that the firm has no intentions of focusing its vehicle on individuals.
Apple Car
On the other hand, little by little the different intentions of the company are clarified as regards their autonomous system. Apple will not launch its own vehicle, rather it will adopt all this technology of autonomous driving to different vehicles, offering a wide service to different transport companies . That is why Hertz could be the next company to have vehicles with Apple technology.
Yet we do not know much about this great project . For example, we do not know which companies or countries could be the first to enjoy the autonomous technology made in California. However, we must not discredit the great work of the Cupertino, since it is a very ambitious project and requires a great investment to make it possible.
In my opinion, there is still time to see these vehicles in operation , due to the high investment that must be made, as well as the different agreements that will have to be made by Apple with each country.

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