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Friday, June 23, 2017

Apple Donates a Percentage of the Sale of Apple Pride Edition "Pride Edition" Belts

This month, many companies have demonstrated through different initiatives for the celebration of the month of LGBT that takes place in several countries and Apple is not far behind, As in other occasions, the boys of Cupertino show solidarity with causes of great social interest and through the sale of products of special edition, also collaborate economically.
This time, Apple has decided to market straps for the Apple Watch, identified as "Pride Edition," or "Pride Edition." From the sale of the same, Apple will donate a percentage to organizations that are dedicated to the defense of this movement, As reported through its website.
Apple Watch Straps Gay Pride

Apple launches "Pride Edition" straps for Apple Watch

The design of the braided nylon straps is clearly identified with this movement, thanks to the colors of the rainbow, alluding to the LGBT flag. Also, they are presented in two versions of 38mm and 42mm, and have a value of 59 euros; Can be purchased exclusively through the Apple website.
Among the groups that will benefit from this collection, Apple has selected the US-based organizations GLSEN, The Trevor Project, the Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG and ILGA, the latter, the most well-known worldwide and with operations In more than 140 countries.
Apple's commitment to collaborating on sensitive issues in society has manifested itself on many occasions. A clear example of this philosophy is evident in its PRODUCT RED line, of which a percentage is dedicated to the Global Fund to raise awareness and fight against HIV. Thus, on several occasions, and even responding to comments that call into question the good faith of the company, the CEO, Tim Cook, has been emphatic in expressing:
We have not avoided being visible in a series of subjects, it is a responsibility in our helmsman, we will always be visible and we will defend the advance of the rights of the people.

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