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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Apple files ex-NSA and FBI agents to stop leaks

As we have told you before, the privacy and intimacy that Apple gives its customers is one of the major factors that encourage users of their devices to change or upgrade one of their computers , mobile and even tablets. All this, of course, without the wonderful guarantee that the company of Cupertino offers us, which, if we manage it correctly, we can get a lot of game. In addition, as the machine that fixes the terminals will be more within our reach, we will have more coverage when it comes to repairing our mobile phone.
Two weeks ago, on June 5, the apple bite company unveiled a host of new features at the WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), the most anticipated event by Apple users and developers. Although this conference has not come to show or even give data on the next terminal, the iPhone 8, thanks to the leaks and patents that the company has to register by law in the patent office of the States United, there are a lot of rumors of what it will be, without Tim Cook and his team having spoken out.

The new signings of Apple

FBI Agents Investigate
This is a serious concern for Apple's senior officials, so much so that they have had to organize a global security team, which includes former FBI agents, the NSA, and even the very secret service responsible for national security And of affairs that have the president involved, in addition to a small percentage of the army of this country .
Apple wants to stop the people who filter the information to the public so that in a few hours you will know all the details and features that the new product of the company will have. And is that we can not come to understand how some people in their homes and in a short time, have been able to access all this information. In Apple logic is countered, since the AirPorts, the router manufactured by the Cupertino company, was an impossible mission at the time of hacking by computer and CIA operatives.
Apple is not only interested in not disclosing its confidential information in order to surprise its customers in the launch of such products, Apple's main concern in this is that other manufacturers, which even some of them accuse the company of Tim Cook to plagiarize them , they often blatantly copy the design and more things characteristic of the devices of this company.

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