Monday, June 5, 2017

Apple filters a new app for iOS 11 by mistake

Just a few hours to the start of the WWDC keynote, yesterday at the last hour appeared in the App Store a mysterious new Apple application called Files , which was exclusive to iOS 11 .
Surely the premature appearance of this application in the App Store was a mistake, because it lasted very little, and Apple has already removed it , but the name of the app, Files, as well as its icon, consisting of a blue folder, We can deduce that it could be an app to manage files in iOS .
The truth is that the specific details about the application are minimal, the description was a brief "File App for iOS", and the screenshots were non-existent. The developer of the application is "Apple Distribution International.", And downloading requires iOS 11 or later.
The application was discovered by developer Steven Troughton-Smith , who published his findings on Twitter, noting that Files only supported 64-bit devices, something that once again suggests that iOS 11 will not support 32-bit applications .
Ahead of iOS 11, a 'Files' app placeholder entry from Apple appears on the App Store. Requires iOS 11.0 or later 😘
Most likely, the new Files application comes pre-installed with iOS 11 . As you know, since iOS 10 it is possible to delete some of the applications of series of Apple , but if, once we have deleted an application we changed our idea, it is possible to download it again in the App Store, so we can deduce that this is the case Of Files.
Apart from this new application, we could also briefly see a Health app, which suggests that with iOS 11, it will be possible to delete it from our iPhones, something that until now could not be done.
Advanced file management is a feature that many iOS users have demanded on many occasions. In fact, recently appeared an iOS 11 concept in which, among other things, proposed the possibility of bringing the Finder app to the operating system , a functionality that could offer the new Files app. Most likely, Files will not be as powerful as Finder, but it will surely allow us to easily store and manage our personal documents.

Be that as it may, we only have a few hours left to know all the news that will offer us iOS 11. As always, from NewCydiaTweaks we will be working to inform you promptly of everything that happens during the keynote, which will start at 7 pm, Spanish time.
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