Thursday, June 1, 2017

Apple has already distributed $ 70 billion among all iOS Apps developers

Apple today released a press release in which it has announced that they have reached an important milestone just before the opening Keynote of WWDC 2017 to be held next Monday . The milestone in question is the appalling figure of $ 70 billion spread among Apps developers who iOS have ever posted their work on the App Store.
Taking this data into account and knowing that Apple takes 30% of all sales of the App Store, we can deduce that since the App Store was launched in 2008 Apple has billed 100 billion dollars in total, a number that It is hard to even imagine and never expected anyone less than ten years ago.
Now, the detail that does not count in the press release is that probably most of that money has gone for large developers with more resources than the small ones that barely manage to cover costs, much less live from this. Unfortunately those are the majority of developers who have published Apps on the App Store. In any case, it is a liberation if we take into account that before, when the mobile operators controlled the applications and content stores for their mobile, they needed their permission and collaboration in order to publish something there. We talk about portals like Movistar Emotion or Vodafone Live !. At that time it was done only for a country generally, and the distribution of the income was much less favorable for the developers. Nowadays anyone from their room can publish an App all over the planet, for hundreds of millions of millions of people, without having to talk to any operator. That seems to us a real liberation, something that was previously unthinkable .
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