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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Apple has eliminated 58,000 Chinese apps from the App Store in the last two weeks

It is no news to anyone that plagiarism in the world of electronics is a theft that is committed almost daily, but this does not know as many people as it would be necessary to stop their feet companies or people who commit this type acts. Nor should we confuse the term copying with inspiration , since one is totally different from the other.
"Not long ago, the Microsoft chief in charge of everything related to the range of high-end laptops Surface said that the Cupertino company had committed plagiarism towards them . According to this man Apple has followed in the footsteps of the great company of Bill Gates to create the new iPad Pro , which does not make great sense, since an immense part of the catalog of this company is very similar to the one of the apple, in addition, we must Take into account that the products of the Californian brand take more time in the market, reason why this same man who accuses to Apple of plagiarism would contradict to the same one.

China and its ways of doing things

Having said all this and put you in situation we will say that plagiarism is not only committed to big companies like Apple or Microsoft, but also to small companies with software engineers who are trying to take off in the electronics market starting from applications in the App Store . Those of Cupertino are aware of this and some time ago introduced a filter that would eliminate the great majority of copies. A high percentage of the plagiarized apps are falsified by Chinese manufacturers.
The curious fact is that Apple eliminated 58,000 applications in the last two weeks of the App Store, which is 10 times more than normal . Most applications that have ceased to exist in the home of Apple apps are basically the well-known applications of SPAM, but not only have they deleted applications that were plagiarized or infringed on some rule in the App Store, since with the update Of the system that will be from 32 bits to 64 bits, apps that have not been downloaded in a long time will also disappear.
As we all know, the great Asian capital, China, is the mother of copies par excellence , but not because they have this achievement does not mean that they can be played to Apple . This system of elimination of periodic way is very well posed and designed to counterattack these type of threats on the part of Apple.

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