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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Apple has signed a plan to promote labor equality in Spain

It is no news to anyone that Apple is the company more open to the public no matter the race or sex of this. As we all know, labor equality is a project that is said to be achieved soon, but this is not so , given that women have less ability to find work and when they find it, they are less likely to do the same work as a man.
Apple Watch Straps Gay Pride
The company of Cupertino has always been a company very open to the world, as we mentioned something above. We have already seen this year as on previous occasions Apple's approach to the day of homosexual pride, a day celebrated by everyone in which even Tim Cook makes public appearances, his last was in 2014. The California firm was even Selling Apple Watch bracelets with the colors of the pride flag and lower price than usual, and also to allocate much of the profits obtained from these to foundations or charitable organizations .

Apple not only revolutionizes the industry

The four giants of computer science struggle every day to reach the greatest number of people
It was not going to be for less coming from a company that is slowly changing the world for the better, because today Apple has signed the first plan in Spain to promote gender equality in the workplace . The CCOO and Cupertino have signed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan, an agreement that will become part of the law as of today and will have a validity of 5 years, unfortunately this plan will only affect employees From Apple Spain SL
Within this agreement enters a section that clearly says: "Indefinite Contracts for all", within the Spanish workers of the company. Last year Apple only had 1,400 employees in Spain, not counting the 191,000 Spanish developers working for the company. If we stop to think for a second what it means to have an indefinite contract in our country is the closest thing to the holy grail that we can find in the labor world .
Portrait of Steve Jobs
Apple has gone from giving the best security and customer service to offering its employees the greatest economic stability that a company has offered throughout history . If Steve Jobs, the father and founder of the bite apple company, was here today with us, he would be proud of all the successful projects that Tim Cook has carried out, despite the effects of Steve's death on Company .

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