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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.3.1

All the Apple followers we use in our day to day both the iPad and the iPhone and even we are both waiting for the output of the company's critically acclaimed new operating system: iOS 11 . While the operators of Cupertino are polishing the latest bugs that still have this newborn software, we make use of the previous version, ie iOS 10 .
Before we had the option to upgrade from iOS 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 and back from the most modern to the one we mentioned first, but this will no longer be possible, given that Apple has stopped signing 10.3.1 so we can not go back Never again The company has its reasons, because as we all know, one of the things that most characterizes the bite apple is its security and having an outdated version of this operating system would increase in a large percentage our vulnerability to programs and malware.

Attentive jailbreak users

Jailbreak Risks
This is a big problem for users who have done the jailbreak , since having to update obligatorily, will lose this change in their smartphone, but also do not have much to worry about, since the same software engineers who have done this In previous versions of iOS will not be slow in doing so in the current and even future updates of this operating system.
As we have mentioned something above, Apple has its reasons to stop supporting iOS 10.3.1, but the biggest and most important reason why they have done this is because security has increased in an impressive way in this version, even the workers Of the Cupertino company say they can not compare to the security offered by iOS when it came out 10.3 as it is now .
Iphone 8 with ios 11
If you do not know how to upgrade to iOS 10.3.2 we explain it to you below: Let's make adjustments, both on your iPhone and iPad, select the General category and after entering here we give "Software Update" , here you will see the last Upgradeable version on your device, but do not be alarmed if there is nothing, as it is something common and it will take about two hours to get out .
If in these last days you have updated your iPhone or iPad to 10.3.2 and you want to go back to 10.3.1 you will not be able to, because you are stuck and your only exit will be iOS 10.3.3 . We look forward to the release of iOS 11 and the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history .

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