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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Apple is afraid of the iPhone 8

It's been 1 week since the WDDC 2017 took place, in which many of the projects that Apple has in mind and also upcoming products and operating systems, both of their Mac computers, as well as of iPhone or iPad, were announced. The great news that the company of the bite apple presented on Monday June 5 left us with good taste, but they lacked to talk about something, the long-awaited iPhone 8.
It seems that the company does not yet have clear ideas when it comes to launching or simply talking about their next iPhone model. It has revealed a patent that clearly shows this fact, as apparently, Apple still thinking about the place of the mobile phone to incorporate the new fingerprint reader . They know, from experience in previous devices, that this unlock system is almost mandatory on a smartphone of the caliber of the iPhone 8.

Rumors continue to grow

Clone iPhone 8
According to the rumors of this terminal, said system of finger recognition, would be located on the front of the phone, just below the screen , but Apple knows to take a look at the market and see if putting this in this particular part can be a problem or not. Its eternal rival, Samsung, had the same idea, but it did not come to light in the Galaxy S8 and it is very possible that it is also not with the Galaxy Note 8 output.
Cupertino fools are precisely not and know perfectly that it is possible that they were not satisfied with the massive production of this novel system. That's why Apple developed the ID Touch elsewhere, as it will not be below the screen. It is very possible that the new power button and lock is up, as it has been in this way as have taken all iPhone up to 5S , also by the iPhone SE.

We just have to wait

We have no idea or reference other than the patent, which was revealed very recently as we have said above. We can only cross our fingers and hope that the iPhone 8 meets expectations , given that these are soaring and is rumored to be the best-selling Apple phone in history, in addition to the most expensive . A dream for users and customers of this company, is without a doubt the perfect smartphone, hopefully this is called iPhone 8.

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