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Monday, June 12, 2017

Apple is forced to lower prices in order to compete

We all sound the famous "Made in China" that our Apple products have behind, this is followed by an "Designed in California", everything has to be said. The Cupertino company has been manufacturing its terminals for a long time in this Asian country, this is due in large part to the cheap labor and the minimum cost of materials needed to build an iPhone.
Not long ago, began to appear a series of rumors, which were confirmed. Many sources claimed that Apple had begun to manufacture the iPhone SE in India , that particular phone already needs an update, as it is lagging far behind in comparison to its level competition. The average price that can cost a smartphone in that country is really low and even more so compared to an iPhone.
In order to keep up with the competition, Apple has been forced to lower prices to increase sales in any way, they are even selling iPhone 5 terminals for 200 euros , the cheapest that we are going to see the company The bite apple sell a phone in a very long time, although the products of this company are worth what they are worth, is still a cost too high compared to its rivals. This particular phone, the iPhone 5, will not be able to make use of the next version of iOS , nor of watchOS 4.

Apple against the ropes

We've never seen a company as big and famous around the world as Apple is between the sword and the wall. No one could have imagined that the Cupertino company would ask Indian banks to provide loans so that the people of this country can buy one of their mobile phones . This has led the California-based firm to lose incredible amounts of money, but Tim Cook remains steadfast at the idea of ​​staying in India.
This does not end here, even the government of this country is taking a slice at Apple's expense , making use of the resources and scope that this company possesses. We just have to pray and expect sales to go up, no matter if they are outdated models and are about to become obsolete, because if they are selling the iPhone 5 is because they have little time in the market and want to get rid of it. The previous model, the iPhone 4, will be discontinued this year and the Cupertino company will stop offering technical support to users of this smartphone.

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