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Friday, June 23, 2017

Apple is hiring workers for the Apple Park Visitor Center

It has been several months since we had the pleasure of knowing that Apple would change its headquarters. This time the transfer is massive and slow, this is due to the incredible dimensions that this new enclosure has , since there is no other central of companies related to the electronics with such size and design .
We have all seen in photos more than once the progress that Apple Park has received over the past few months, and it is that company employees are beginning to move to this new and contemporary all-purpose building. It seems that the new house of the block will not lack anything, as they will even have a personalized Visitor Center for the curious who want to enter and know the facilities.

Apple begins to be clear to its customers

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This is undoubtedly a sign of transparency on the part of Apple. In addition, there is also a cafeteria in which if we are very lucky we could be having a coffee with a high position of the company , although it is not very probable, but to dream is free.
These tourist visits around the new headquarters of the company will be guided obviously by workers of the same. At the same time, Apple is looking to hire staff capable of meeting expectations and developing this function for the public successfully.
Apple in Cupertino
As we said before, the company's employees of the bite apple are beginning to move to the new plant, but you can understand that this will take time to complete, but it is not so since the new headquarters of Apple is a 10 minute drive Of the previous one . This will greatly expedite the process that involves the displacement of employees of the company.
We will also have, as we said above, an Apple Cafe called Apple Cafe . This particular establishment is now located outside the facilities of the current Apple Park, on Tatau Avenue number 10700. This building itself has on the second floor a terrace from which you can appreciate in great detail the Apple Park, to the same Cafeteria has its own parking.
Expectations for this new venue are immense, as they are for the output of the iPhone 8, the most expensive phone in history but the one closest to perfection. We expect Apple Park to be up and running soon .

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