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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Apple is working to produce glasses with augmented reality

With a great similarity to Apple TV, the Cupertino star company talked about many things in the past World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), among them are the next operating systems, both of computers and mobile phones, but it seems that they forgot to talk About projects and some of its products as mentioned above, Apple TV , which will have a software update similar to the iPhone, the TVOS 11 .
Also, within the heap of projects they talked about for hours and hours, it seems that they went over and mentioned one of their most invested works: augmented reality glasses that will come with the incorporation of Micro-Led screens . This subject has already been confirmed by several sources with a reliable history of success in matters similar to this, in addition to the amount of rumors that have appeared since the beginning of the year talking about this.

They are not the first, but they will be the last

In the market there is a lot of variety of spectacles with augmented reality, whether made for video games or simply to simulate a virtual reality, but what will put these glasses made by the apple company bitten above the rest, are the impressive Micro -Led of which we spoke a little above, which will increase the quality of the experience that the consumer will have when using this tool.
Not long ago patents leaked on the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 8 . And is that with the immense amount of money that Apple spends on security so that its most precious secrets do not come to light and are plagiarized by the rest, it seems that they want some of these patents known. This is why there is a fairly acceptable number that indicate that the Cupertino company is about to take out an HMD .

Apple and its successful collaborations

Apple watch Nike video
If we consider that this company is associated with Valve, the great video game developer known worldwide for games such as Counter-Strike or Half-Life, could have a serious project in hand with a lot of chances of success. The majority of systems that use augmented reality sections are consoles and machines for leisure. Could we be facing one of the most important collaborations that Apple has made in its history?
The company of the apple and its projects with other brands usually end up being a resounding success , it is for this and for many other things that it has worked side by side with brands like Nike or Mercedes, firms that are the first in its sector, such As is Apple in his. We hope that our favorite electronics company will surprise us again.

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