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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Apple Music Spotify, Giants War

All users of Apple products and music lovers have been asked the following question: Which is better, Apple Music or Spotify? And is that in vain are two of the applications of music par excellence of the market, so it is completely understandable that we have to decide with which to stay. Below we will see points for and against each one in the aspects that I considered most important when choosing between one option or another:


The content in both is very extensive , since we can find almost all the music that comes to mind, so this should not be a significant point when choosing one platform or another, although it is also true that Apple Music has Available the almost 40 million titles contained in iTunes, and exceeds in content therefore the 30 million songs offered by Spotify.
At this point it is interesting to emphasize that some other artist has rejected for a long time to publish his discography in Spotify, among other things for the ridiculous sum of money, according to most of these singers, who offered them for their music from the Swedish platform. Among others, AC / DC and Taylor Swift, until a few months ago, did not offer their songs to customers of Spotify, while in Apple Music all their fans could have access to their hits at the click of a button. Point in favor for the application of the apple.


In this section, the following factor comes into play: the amount of Apple devices each has in their home, since Apple Music is compatible and works on all iPhone, iPad and Mac, Windows and for two years also for Android . For its part, Spotify supports a multitude of devices , such as Windows computers, Android mobile phones, Play Station, and of course also with Apple devices. That said, I think in the compatibility section, the point is for Spotify.
Apple Music only supports Apple devices while Spotify is available on almost all devices
Apple Music only supports Apple devices while Spotify is available on almost all devices


This is possibly one of the most important issues , and we can not forget that both platforms are direct rivals in the market, and their prices are very similar, so similar that they are  identical . The price to pay for a month of use of both Spotify and Apple Music is 9.99 euros, although both have both offers for new users. For new users both companies have the same offer: 3 months trial for the small price of 0.99 euros . Apple Music began charging for this trial period last May, since until then you could enjoy a quarter of music for free. So in the price section you could say that there is a technical tie .
Having seen the points for and against each of these two music giants, each one will have to think which one interests you the most, although I really advise all Apple users to stay with the native application of this company. What do I stay with? The truth is that I have always been a fan of Spotify because of the intuitive interface it has in its version of computer, but since almost all the devices that I use in my day to day are Apple, I stay with Apple Music for being its application Predetermined and make life much easier in synchronization issues when it comes to having my favorite music on all my electronic devices.

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