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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apple opens a museum in Spain with more than 120 models

More than 40 years ago, in 1976 to be exact , there were 3 friends in the garage of the parents of one of them, retouching things and giving way to the first gadget Apple, the Apple I. Many people believe that there were only two, Steve Jobs And Stephen Wozniak, but no, they also had the help of an old friend, Ronald Wayne .
Everything was on wheels, since 1985, nor 10 years after the birth of the Cupertino company, were already on the Fortune 500 list , 411 to be exact. Things worked as they should and Apple was ahead, with a large margin of difference, from its competition in the world of electronics , which at that time was almost nil.

The beloved relics of Apple

Apple I
Today the first Apple products like Apple I or II are considered relics and for many treasures. Collectors are the pillars that keep the history of the company intact, interestingly, not long ago, was auctioned an Apple I in Germany for 110,000 euros , this amount is unreasonably low, given that the sales expectations hovered around 300,000 euros.
It is for this and for many more reasons that Apple has opened a new museum with its intact antiques. Many may begin to think that this historic center of the block is in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and even Seville, given that they are the cities that major tourist attractions within Spain, but not, those of Cupertino have decided to do it in Cáceres.
Apple shares rise since the beginning of 2012
This would not be the first museum of Apple in Europe, since it would be the third, the company of the bite apple already has two in Italy, one in Prague and another in Savona. Carlos Izquierdo , one of the biggest fans of this company that has been accumulating any kind of technology for over 40 years, from the first iPods to the current MacBook and iMac computers, is in charge of this cultural center . In total this particular project has taken 2 decades of work to get to build.
It is impressive that a brand like Apple is no longer just a company for financial purposes, but also considered a bit of history itself . This type of news and fan company projects we love loyal followers. We hope that the 20 years of work and effort of this singular man will bear fruit and return the blood, sweat and tears to this person.

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