Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Apple partners with Health Gorilla to add data from medical diagnostics on the iPhone

Last week we talked about how Apple wants our iPhones to become the site where we store all our medical records , and now, an article published on CNBC gives us more information on the subject.
Apple has partnered with Health Gorilla , a small start-up that, according to its website, is specialized in offering physicians a "complete view of the patient's health history."
CNBC quoted two sources familiar with Apple's plans as saying that the company is working with Health Gorilla to add diagnostic data to the iPhone in collaboration with hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, and laboratory analysis companies . According to Health Gorilla's website , start-up offers a secure clinical network that aggregates data from a number of sites, thus giving doctors and hospitals access to an overview of the patient's medical history.
While the service is intended for medical professionals, patients can also use it to obtain a copy of their medical data "in 10 minutes."
Health Gorilla CEO Steve Yaskin founded the company after a friend of his, a doctor, told him how frustrated he was with the process of transferring the test results to his patients.
Last week, CNBC informed us that Apple had a "secret team" within its health unit that was in communication with developers, hospitals, and industry groups, in order to store clinical data on iPhones so Make them the site where we could find all our medical information.
Apple wants to create a centralized database where all the medical information of a person would be, which would greatly facilitate the work of the medical community, which sometimes encounters barriers that sometimes prevent or complicate the transfer of data from The patients between different entities.
Through Health Gorilla, it is likely that, in the future, the iPhone Health application may include a series of data coming directly from various sources, offering data such as results of blood tests, X-rays, information on treatments, etc.
In addition to his alleged collaboration with Health Gorilla, Apple is believed to have hired several developers familiar with electronic medical record transfer protocols, and has also spoken with several groups, such as "The Argonaut Project", which is working to promote The adoption of open standards for health information, or "The Carin Alliance," a group that aims to give patients more control over their medical data.
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