Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Apple publishes a new video that shows how iOS automatically generates videos of memories

Apple has released a new TV ad promoting some of the advanced features of iOS, such as the remember videos that the Photo App can automatically create . If you open the Photos App and click on the memories tab, you will see that using your photos, videos and also other metadata such as dates, GPS location, people that appear in photos using the automatic facial recognition system ... everything is mixed To create automatic videos that show us beautiful (and nostalgic) our own memories. It's a possibility of the Photo App that works quite well. For example, here is an example of a video automatically created this way.
We can see that commercial under this paragraph. Apple shows us precisely this functionality in a very endearing way; An elderly gentleman prepares with care and care the memories of an apparently Spanish family, mixing photos and videos of yesteryear in a huge video library that simulates the reel of photos of an iPhone. One of the best Apple ads in recent years.
In addition, and taking advantage of the situation, Apple has added another video to the series of short video tutorials that teach us to get the most out of the iPhone camera. On this occasion, the functionality they show us is simply those videos of memories automatically generated in the Photo App, very appropriate given the ad they have just published.
What are you waiting for? - run to open the Photos App and check the different memories you have prepared for you
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