Saturday, June 3, 2017

Apple publishes three new videos with tricks to get the most out of the iPhone camera

Continuing with the series of videos in which Apple teaches us how to get the most out of the iPhone camera , the company has posted 3 more videos in this campaign. In the first video they tell us how to take a photo when the background is very bright, at which time it is usual that everything behind the subject that we want to photograph is very overexposed , totally white on many occasions. In those cases, what you have to do is activate the HDR (High Dynamic Range) system which is to take photos in a row, almost at the same time, to better expose the shadows and lights in each one of them, and Then mixing them to get the best of both exhibitions. Thanks to this mode then we can adjust the overall exposure with a vertical movement, after fixing the focus and the final result is obviously much better than if we simply pressed the shutter release. All this preparation may end the spontaneity of the photo, but if we have time to prepare it the results can be really good.
In the next video Apple teaches us how to take a photo of a group of people using the portrait mode that artificially blur the background thanks to the information it obtains from the second back camera of the iPhone 7.
In the third and last video today Apple teaches us how to take a picture in an intimate moment without making noise, using the iPhone mute button to be able to take the picture without disturbing the people who, in this case, are sleeping. A very nice scene certainly, but in this case we think that Apple has been wrong a bit with the subject of the video, because the iPhone 7 Plus and any other model before, if it is bought in places like Japan , will always make the shutter sound Of the camera even if we put it in silent mode. It is a legal imperative and there are more countries or mobile operators that implement this nagging limitation . In the case of the iPhone 7 is more remarkable, because that sound comes out by the two speakers, Both the usual in the lower part of the terminal and in the handset which, when it is not close to the face, acts as a speaker as well. This sound simply can not be removed ... just minimize if we put our fingers in the holes of the speakers to dampen the sound and not allow it to come out. In any case, here we leave the video.
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