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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apple seems to have solved the problem of Chinese tips

A few weeks ago, we talked about the problem that had occurred in China, because of the topic of tips in the applications of the catalog of Cupertino . According to the information, in China many users make donations to artists from the Asian territory. In principle, this should not be any problem for anyone, however in this type of donations, Apple has no control over it .
It should be noted that this type of movements are carried out on platforms external to those of the firm of the apple, reason for which stems from a disagreement by the high commanders of Apple, since the company does not benefit from 30 per Cent of that money.

What kind of agreement has Apple made?

At first, Apple's resolution has been to include these types of donations within the application itself . Obviously, even if they are donations, those of Cupertino will apply their famous 30 percent as they do with all the transactions carried out in the applications of the platform. What will be the response of the Chinese developers?
At first glance, there are several options. One of them would be to accept Apple's solution , although it is very likely that this will lead to an increase in the cost of donations. So from my point of view would miss the whole meaning of the word "donation." On the other hand, Chinese developers could turn to other types of platforms or additional services with the aim of avoiding the clutches of the commission of the apple.
It is obvious that Apple would be missing the opportunity to benefit from this type of donations, since everything to point to that the movements of this type that are made in the Asian giant are very high . Despite this, Apple should think about the great market and the importance of China for the firm . Nonetheless, the company has reached flexible agreements with the Chinese government, while it has opened several development and research centers throughout the country.

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