Friday, June 30, 2017

Apple shares photos in its latest Store from the Taipei 101 skyscraper

As we could see, thanks to numerous sources we know where the next Apple Store in the world would be located. This can be found in the center of Taipei, capital of Taiwan , specifically in a very famous skyscraper of the Asian landscape: Taipei 101 skyscrapers. The opening of this new headquarters of the bite apple company in Asia will open its doors for the first time 1 of July .
A few days after the inauguration of this new Apple store, the company has shared a series of spectacular photos , coming from this company does not miss the truth, as are the views from this new Apple Store at high altitude, as we said A while ago, is in a skyscraper characteristic of this city and country.
Taipei 101
And we did not expect less from Apple and its new Apple Store. Recently in Chicago, those of Cupertino have opened a somewhat particular seat, since this is in the form of a MacBook , which from the point of view of a dron or helicopter has to be quite curious to see . Also in Spain, one of the biggest followers and fans of the products of this company around the world, has recently opened a museum in Cáceres with more than 120 different models of Apple gadgets.
As we have seen today, the store highlights the latest apple store design. The Forum, centered around the video wall, is a new setting and a new home for Apple. The avenues, inspired by window displays along a street designed for small businesses, scratch the walls of shops with interactive demonstrations dedicated to music, creativity, photography, apps and more. The Apple Store located in Taipei 101 will also offer field education to entrepreneurs, developers and other business customers in the Boardroom.
Taipei 101
Unfortunately, for all the enthusiasts who think that from the Apple store we can see these impressive and breathtaking views, we have bad news for you: the Apple Store is located in the lower part of this skyscraper, at the base . While the new headquarters of Apple opens in a few days, we have only to wait and let the apple bite company astonish us as they have been doing so many years, because today, June 29, is 10 years since Steve Jobs We introduced the iPhone in the keynote of 2007 .

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