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Friday, June 23, 2017

Apple still does not know where to place the new fingerprint reader on iPhone 8

Almost 3 weeks ago, on June 5 of this year, we had the pleasure of being present at WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), the most anticipated event by Apple users and developers . In this conference we are informed about the upcoming projects that the company of Cupertino has in mind to draw in the near future or simply they give us to know the news that will be within a very short time, relatively speaking, within the section of products in its Web page.

Anxious for the new iPhone 8

Iphone 8 with ios 11
One of the most iconic devices that Apple has brought to light throughout its history, which is not at all short, given that the company started in a garage more than 40 years ago and the last 30 are full of success With no competitors in this field in the history of electronics, the iPhone is celebrating this year and 1 decade , 10 years since our beloved Steve Jobs, father and founder of the company, introduced us in the great keynote .
The much-acclaimed terminal mentioned earlier, the iPhone, will see the output of its eighth model, the iPhone 8 in September , which will coincide with the output of the long-awaited iOS 11, the new operating system that will have the terminals and tablets of this great company .
This new mobile phone from the apple is not only the closest to absolute perfection as far as the concept of smartphone is concerned , but also the most expensive in history so far, thus exceeding the $ 1,000 price of exit. And is that although the Cupertino have not presented us any prototype or anything thanks to leaks we have more than an idea about the features that this new device will have.

Apple leaked in security

Does Apple neglect security?
As we all know, the privacy and security that Apple offers its customers is one of the biggest we can get in the electronics market today, not to say the most. Although it seems that it is not the same within the same company, since lately they are filtering a lot of secret data of the company and the ones of Cupertino are taking letters in the matter to stop the feet of the culprits of these premature revelations.
One of the biggest problems Apple has to date is that they have not yet clarified when it comes to positioning the fingerprint reader, a mandatory system in a high-end terminal such as the iPhone 8. They do not know yet 3 months of its presentation where to put it , it is speculated that it is even on the screen, although we will most likely find it on the button as in previous models. Due to a series of disadvantages in which this is located, it is very possible that the launch of this new smartphone will be delayed some time.

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