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Monday, June 26, 2017

Apple to top in the first quarter of 2017

It is nothing new for any of us, loyal followers of Apple, that this company is a leader in many things. Just to give an example, the iPhone 7 has been the best-selling mobile phone so far this year , since of all the phones that have been sold in the world during 2017, 7% of the total are iPhone 7. By What is seen is not the only sector that our beloved apple bite dominates, given that there has been a number of incredible changes in the top five positions on the list of the wearable market .

Apple Crushing Samsung

Samsung vs.  Apple, this time in Holland
As we know from various sources, the recent Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2, have been a great success and have been well received by the lovers that these smartwatch have. Previously the undisputed leader of this sector of the market was Samsung, but it seems that the great South Korean company has had problems in the last months, since Apple has happened to be first in the ranking .
This in percentages translates to a crushing victory of the company of Cupertino on Samsung, since Apple seized 53% of the market share at international level, but in the other side of the ring, the Korean company only arrived at the 12, 8% , that is, bite apple has managed to sell more than triple of smartwatch than its most bitter rival, although this data could change since it is still the first quarter of 2017, but when there is such a large margin between two companies of tan High caliber does not change. In short: only a miracle could put Samsung above Apple.
Apple Watch Straps Gay Pride
In recent days, not the Apple Watch, but if their straps have reached a record in sales, since with the celebration of gay pride, Apple has released t-shirts and bracelets of these watches with the colors of the flag of this tan Memorable and controversial day.
It seems that our dear company of Cupertino returns to its golden days, being at the head of different markets and sectors with a great margin, the undisputed best and most valuable company in the world of the electronics for more than 40 years . Who would have said that all this started with a calculator and a Volkswagen van? It is incredible that a company of this caliber continues afloat after the effects of the death of its father and founder, Steve Jobs.

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