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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Apple wants to change the way you wake up with a new patent

Sleep is a fundamental part of people's health. If you do not know how to maintain your sleep schedules with the necessary time for your body to recover your health could be harmed both short and long term . Your mood will not be the same if you sleep eight hours if you sleep five after an arduous day of work, and over time, lack of sleep will start to create both mental and physical problems.
Apple knows this in abundance, and wants to help its users improve their lives through sleep . For this, it is working on different projects, all designed to work through the technologies they have already designed, such as the Health app, or the last experiment they have done in iOS 10 with the application Clock, which allows management Something simple of our sleep time.

Pleasure Sleeping Nights "Designed by Apple in California"

Patents Sleep
Yesterday, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a new Apple patent describing a new alarm management system that would use the information obtained through different sensors to establish the perfect moment to wake up . The system, in addition, would identify the different factors that can influence the quality of the dream of the user and help to optimize them so that we can sleep better than ever.
As is clear, it remains to be seen if any of these ideas will be carried out by Apple in the future . For now, we have some wearables that offer the possibility of establishing intelligent alarms that, together with their sleep tracking algorithms, help prevent, for example, that we can not avoid falling asleep again after waking up in full REM phase. Maybe now that they have Beddit in their possession they carry it out.

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