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Monday, June 19, 2017

Apple wants to open to the audiovisual world

As rumors, which were confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the bite apple company is seeking to expand its reign to the automotive market , as it already dominates the world of electronics worldwide. Apparently, those of Cupertino plan to improve the structure of their audiovisual sector , although this is one of the best there is.
Steve Jobs, the father and founder of this company, was not only the genius and visionary of the 21st century that we all know, something few people know is that he was the one who created Pixar when it was suspended from Apple more than 30 years ago. On the surface, it seems that ** Cook wants to continue the project that Steve set aside. **
YouTube unveils new app for iOS
The majority of the people and people of renown in the world of the economy, hoped that after the death of Steve Jobs shares and income of the company plummeted, but it was not, since, after his death, we could even Say that Apple's economic situation improved , this was one of the effects of his death.

Tim Cook and his great ideas

Tim Cook and the Smart Battery Case
A former employee of the great platform that revolutionized the way we could watch videos, listen to music and many other things, Youtube seems to be the missing piece to Apple to complete the puzzle. The name of this person is something extravagant: Vijay Kurunamurthy, this man worked from the beginning of this website, but decided to embark on his own way as a software engineer , practicing as an application creator.
The only thing we know about this guy is that Apple signed him a couple of months ago, in April . Within a few days of its integration in the company of Cupertino, a series of applications that he had developed for the App Store, were no longer available, although it is not known that the apple bought these apps. It is very likely that Tim Cook and his operatives want to take advantage of Kurunamurthy's experience for future projects and get the juice to their potential for the multimedia universe.
Since the audiovisual themes are present in our daily lives, from ads we see on TV about something we do not care about, even the same ads that use social networks like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, which, at Accept the terms of use of these applications, we accept that they have access to our tastes , and depending on these we will show one advertising or another, so, the one who controls the advertising will control the market.

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