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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Apple wants to turn the iPhone into the manager of our medical history

Apple's aspirations for its devices to become important elements in managing data related to the health of users, every day finds new ways to manifest. Although Apple Watch has always played a more prominent role in these issues, Cupertino's are now focusing efforts on developing an application that allows the iPhone to function as a health iTunes.
Just as iTunes serves to manage a number of multimedia files developed by Apple, the new platform aims to centralize all the medical information of a patient, making them have control over their own history.

The iPhone will store all the details of our health

The information disseminated by the CNBC media chain details that the new application would work to store each diagnosis, treatment and commentary on the health of a patient, generated by his treating doctor and this way it would be avoided that when changing specialists data is obviated Of the case in question or wasted time while searching for information.
As reported by the same media, Apple has been developing this proposal for some time and is now in the negotiation phase with hospitals and other companies in the medical industry that need to test this technology. Among the great companies considered by the apple company to establish alliances are The Argonaut Project and The Carin Alliance , both organizations that promote the widespread adoption of open standards for health information.
Also, it was known that Apple could opt for applications that allow storing this data in the cloud, so it is already in talks with startups dedicated to this area.
With the development of this management system specific data on medical history, Apple would go many steps beyond other applications dedicated to health and solve the daily problem that occurs when important data on diagnoses or above treatments are omitted to put in Health risk.

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