Friday, June 16, 2017

Apple Watch celebrates your birthday with a special message in watchOS 4

One of the major developments in the last WWDC 2017 was the presentation of watchOS 4, this software will be the next major update for Apple Watch from next September. However, for now users have to conform to the different beta versions of watchOS 4 .

Apple Watch has a surprise for your birthday

Although Apple did not mention one of the small Apple incorporate the clock with the next version of its software, a special message on the day of your birthday. As developers spend more time with the beta of watchOS 4, they are discovering more news and surprises in the operating system of Apple Watch. MRToasty , one of MacRumors' most prominent members  has found a birthday message that Apple did not include in the watchOS 4 presentation on June 5 .
Apple introduces surprise for your birthday on watchOS 4 for Apple Watch
Apple introduces a surprise for the day of your birthday in watchOS 4
On your birthday, Apple will send you a "Happy Birthday!" Message through a notification on your watch. The best thing is that when we do a little pulsation on this message, a string of balloons will appear in the form of celebration . An interaction very similar to that already available on iPhone with iOS 10 through the effects of iMessage. You can see the animation of "Happy Birthday" through the video located just below this paragraph. A video originally posted by David Boyle on YouTube.

The most important new watchOS 4

Remember that some of the great changes that come in watchOS 4 is focused on improving the different achievements through the application of training, new communication functions between Apple Watch and the new compatible gymnastics equipment and a redesign in the form of cards in good Part of the system.
Apple introduces surprise for your birthday on watchOS 4 for Apple Watch
Effect of balloons in watchOS 4 on your birthday
There are also improvements in the Music application and a new "clock face" for Siri that will be updated dynamically depending on the time of day and your daily routines.
This concerns especially applications Activity, Alarms, Alert Respirar, Calendar, Maps, reminders, bank, etc .
We recommend that you stay abreast of all the news we are posting on our website, as we discover new features of the different beta versions in Apple's operating systems. If you are one of the users who are trying out some of the beta versions presented in the last WWDC 2017, do not forget to leave us your impressions, comments or doubts in the bottom part.
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