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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Apple will add new features to its Health app

During the last time, the California firm has decided to emphasize one of the most functional services that the organization had ever presented. And it is that during the last years, the support of Apple towards the applications destined to the health has been increasing . One of the clearest examples is the start-up of the company's latest watches , where the registration and monitoring of health-related data has gained prominence in the sector.

Apple bets to add new functions in its Health project

On the other hand, the California firm also has specialized doctors in order to be able to take applications that collect valid medical data. That is why the company would plan to incorporate new functionalities together with Health Gorillam, to include data related to blood analysis. Nevertheless, this would be done thanks to the collaboration of different laboratories and medical centers like Quest or LabCorp.
Currently, the Apple Health application only records basic data such as the number of steps taken, kilometers performed or the famous hours of sleep. Data that other companies like Xiaomi, already register in their famous cheap and very useful bracelets, by the way.
That is why the great research and development that the company is doing is essential to be able to take this project to a good port and to obtain and analyze more specific data. Apparently, Cupertino's company is progressing properly, so that by the end of this year we could enjoy more functionality in this application.
Apple Watch
Finally we will wait a few months to check the operation of these new options. From my point of view is admirable the great work that is exercising Apple in this aspect , and is that the medical sector is about to experience one of the most important changes in recent decades, thanks to the arrival of new technologies.

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