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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Apple will debut its first television series tonight

For some time now, there was a lot of rumors about the possibility of Apple entering the world of series and visual content, the wait has been long but today for the first time Apple launches its first series in the United States , Planet of The Apps.

Apple and its first original series

Apple's first original TV series, Planet of the Apps, will be released this evening, according to some US media . The program, which we saw a small preview at the last World Conference of Developers ( WWDC 2017 ), will be released at 21:00 (local time in California) . This premiere will be produced through Apple Music, however, Apple will offer the first episode through iTunes (for free) and through the official website of this series.
Planet of the Apps is the first series originally released by Apple
Planet of the Apps is the first series originally released by Apple
Produced by Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, and , Planet of the Apps is a TV show about apps and the developers who make such apps. The show and thematic of this series is practically similar to other television programs like "The Voice" and "Shark Tank" , as it has developers launching their own ideas of applications in search of finding the opportunity to be advised by people Influential and entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba .
These advisors will help the selected contestants build and develop their applications, as well as prepare them to apply for funds from Lightspeed Venture Partners. In an interview with Reuters, Eddy Cue, director of iTunes, tells how "Planet of the Apps" answers the question of how to bring an idea to a finished product.

Will he succeed in "Planet of the Apps"?

The question when you have ideas is how to get them right ," said Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of software and Internet services, in an interview."Sometimes you may not know how, you might be afraid of what is happening. However, Planet of the Apps will really show how it's possible. "
Planet of the Apps is the first series originally released by Apple
Planet of the Apps screenshot
The shooting of Planet of the Apps began in late 2016 and ended in February . Most of the filming took place in a set built by Apple near Hollywood.
According to Reuters, the first two episodes feature developers submitting applications for online shopping, campus security and a backpack that will appear on the App Store after the conclusion of each episode. Developers who are able to reach the final round of the program will receive up to $ 10 million in funds to be able to move forward with their applications and desires.
Apple plans to promote "Planet of the Apps", for which, Cue insists that "all our customers are going to be exposed to this in one way or another." The program will be the first of the Cupertino company but not the last one, it is expected that next August 8 will be presented "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" , another original series of Apple that will be released through Apple Music.

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