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Monday, June 12, 2017

Bad news for Apple in the stock market

Less than a month ago the people of Cupertino celebrated the historic high achieved in the value of their shares in the stock market, but this week the environment has not been in their favor and Apple began the day in the stock market with a drop of 8% Of its shares compared to the previous month, which translates to $ 143 per share.
Only Friday last week Wall Street closed at $ 148.98 a share - 3.5% more - than the numbers this morning. According to more specialized sources, this change has hit other technology giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and this could be just the beginning of a cyclical behavior for the sector.

Apple shares lose value after reaching record high one month ago

Given the situation, several economic analysts have been given the task of raising the theories that support the decline in the value of Apple shares. In this regard, Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities believes that the current share price is due to market attention is centered on the "iPhone 8," device on which there are too much rumors, being the most recent, The one that affirms that they will work with a chip of discharges of speed inferior to the mobiles of the competition.
For its part and according to information published in Macrumors Wall Street analyst Brian White said that Apple should not be compared with other companies such as Facebook or Google, as the company's shares of the apple have performed much lower In the last 5 years.
Application with Apple shares
Also, White was emphatic in assuring that this fall in Apple shares will be temporary , as it is well known Apple's power of recovery, through the creation of software and hardware that manage to address the initial doubts in comparison With other existing technologies in the market.

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