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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Basic care for your iPhone

We all like to have our devices impeccable, nothing provides more pleasure than getting your iPhone out of pocket or bag and be well taken care of . It is also something that undoubtedly makes us better revalued if we decide to sell it later .
The recommendations we give you today serve so much to have it beautiful inside and out . Here we go.

Pretty inside

Do not store thousands of photos or videos

Not because you do not have enough capacity, fortunately 128 GB storage is already common , but why do you need to carry those photos of years ago. Better to keep them safe. Cloud services like Dropbox, Mega or iCloud are very comfortable.

Turn it off occasionally

The use of it so many times as an alarm clock makes us have it permanently on . It does not hurt to give you a break from time to time. In my particular case, since I stopped using it to get out of bed I sleep better.
Turn off on an iPhone 5s

Do not put it in the bathroom

The latest devices already have protection against water and dust, but if your phone is earlier than the iPhone 7 put it in the bathroom can harm you. The steam in the shower and the humidity can, over time, activate the humidity sensors .

Does not take the heat well

Remember that it is an electronic device that is heated with use , do not make it suffer by exposing it to direct light or sources of heat. You can cause serious damage with a few simple recommendations you will avoid .

Nice on the outside

Possibility of covers and protector

The design of Apple products is fantastic, they are very nice terminals and you feel like having no scratches or dents. For this nothing better than a good cover that covers the sensitive parts , especially the corners. If you have spent more than 600 euros on an iPhone, you should also use the case . Of screen protectors there is also great range .
IPhone 7

Pockets, bags and backpacks, with care

Eye with loose keys and coins, they have a major erosive action so a site for every thing.

Sports risk and not so much

Watch out if you are mountain-biker or do climbing. But look, do not neglect if you're swimming pool and throw yourself into the water with him in the pocket of the bathing suit .
IPhone broken
In short, following recommendations like these the chances of having the iPhone as the first day will increase . Enjoy it, express it to the fullest remembering that they are expensive gadgets and therefore, need your pampering. What do you do to have your phone as the first day? We are waiting for you in social networks .

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