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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Beware of moving with the data, Movistar already applies a new rate for excesses

It has been a few years since Telefónica changed its image to give rise to the Movistar that we all know today. It was supposed to be a leap into a company more modern and according to the times that run. And yet, they maintain the same kind of policies that gave Telefonica the bad reputation it has in terms of its prices . Today, of course, we will return to talk about them, and that is that they give much to speak every few months.
As if it were an almost routine, operators adjust their rates to give rise to new and improved services, or to give profitability to products that are far from profiting by its high cost. In this case, it has been Movistar that has again taken the lead, and has decided to start today a price change that users must assume once these exceed their franchise data hired.

Movistar raises prices again without giving benefits according to

In this case, it is a rise of half a cent to the previous rate, which cost 1.5 cents per Mb extra consumed . Of course, there are certain limits to prevent the invoice from being triggered. The problem is that these have also been increased in line with the new rate, so that if before the limit was at 30 euros, now it will be at 41 euros , or what is the same, 2 Gb extra data. And all this, without giving a single extra benefit to consumers that justify it. But do not worry, because you can act before this tactic Movistar.
We assume that, in many cases, what will interest you is to avoid this type of uploads by disabling payment for excess data. If so, you should contact (if you have not done so before) with the 223528 from your Movistar mobile and reduce the limit to 0 euros , which will automatically disable this feature. If you want to change your company or rate, you can use this change to cancel the associated fee commitment (the one associated with a terminal purchase is maintained), although we have to say that this change is very likely to be imitated by the rest Of companies.

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