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Monday, June 19, 2017

China unveils new clone of iPhone 8

It was 2 weeks ago, on June 5 of this year, when we had the pleasure of witnessing WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), the most anticipated event by users and developers of the company. At this conference, the bite apple company announced its upcoming projects and products, both hardware and software, coming on the market soon , such as iPhone operating systems, iOS 11, the new macOS, High Sierra .
Our beloved apple gave us know a lot of news that we will see between this year and next, but they lacked something, a new device that we all expected to know something more about the date of departure, the long-awaited iPhone 8. This terminal has the highest expectations that has been able to have a mobile phone of this company throughout its history , and is that 10 years ago since the father and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, introduced us the first iPhone , IPhone 2G or Classic, in the keynote of 2007.
Based on rumors and leaks of the company, we can say that those of Cupertino have left us clues to try to guess when the iPhone will go on sale. There are some manufacturers in China, country where Apple builds and molds its terminals due to the Cheap labor and at the lowest cost that the materials this needs to be complete, they are beginning to sell clones of this phone .

Designed in China is not the same as Made in China

The size of the iPhone 8 would be intermediate between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus
As we have already seen circulating on the internet, in this Asian country have seen a high number of copies and clones of the iPhone 8, some so brazen that even put the logo of the apple on the back as the phones of the Company and similar aspects as the dual camera in vertical position, but in their defect, these use Android .
IOS 11 beta
Apple has us accustomed to present their smartphones in September, in addition, this year would make more sense than the rest, given that according to the estimates of the company Cupertino, iOS 11, the new software of iPhone and iPad, will have passed the beta phase And will be available to everyone this month , obviously we can only make use of this new operating system if we have one of the devices that will be compatible with this.
The reality is that the expectations of the iPhone 8 are very high as we said something above, since anything below perfection would be a disappointment, in addition to being the most expensive smartphone in history , exceeding $ 1,000.

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