Monday, June 26, 2017

Chris Lattner, one of Apple's ex-directors who went to Tesla, leaves that company before reaching the sixth month

Chris Lattner left Apple with Daniel Gross to work on Tesla's autonomous driving system. However, before reaching the half year, he has decided to leave Tesla as well .
Your profile on LinkedIn does not yet reflect the change but in your online CV you can already see this month as the end date of your work in Tesla.
The exact cause of his departure is unknown, but Bloomberg tells us that he argues that Tesla was not a place to fit in. Elon Musk and himself spoke and they came to the conclusion that it was best for him to leave. The former Tesla Autonomous Pilot responsible Sterling Anderson also left the company just before the company hired Lattner directly from Apple after several years there, among many other things he has worked on the development of the new Swift programming language that already use more than 100,000 Apps in the App Store, and that in the future will probably be the most used above any other language in iOS.
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