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Friday, June 16, 2017

CyPush2, receives notifications of updates for Cydia tweaks

Julio Verne, one of the most talented Cydia developers in recent years, has just released " CyPush2 ", a utility that allows us to receive notifications when any of the tweaks we have installed have received an update.
This way, we will not have to access Cydia and check for ourselves if there is an update available, although that yes, not all are advantages.
It seems that the tweak consumes more battery than it should , and that is precisely why Julio has decided to allow it to be configured only when we connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Receive automatic notifications of each available update of a tweak that you have installed

Likewise, we can select for ourselves the interval of time that must pass to check if there is an update of one of our tweaks, with obviously higher battery consumption the lower the time interval we indicate.
In short, the tweak comes to try to end one of the shortcomings of Cydia in which more emphasis put the users, but that yes, I remind you again that it is recommended to indicate that only work when we have connected to A Wi-Fi network.
  • Name : CyPush2
  • Compatibility : From iOS 7 to iOS 10
  • Price : Free
  • Repository :

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