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Monday, June 19, 2017

Discover these tricks to properly clean your Mac

Apple computers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful devices and one of the most careful designs in the industry. Having a Mac is a pleasure, since the Californian firm guarantees us a long life of its products . And it's something that everyone who has had some Apple product, we have been able to confirm.
It is important to note that it is very important to take good care of our device . In the first place, it has to be cleaned of dirt and dust which, although a priori is easy, in many cases dirt can sneak into places with difficult access.
In addition, another of the points to take into account in the maintenance of the Mac are the small strokes or streaks . And is that when using it day by day is very likely that our device is a victim of blows and falls.


The keyboards that incorporate the MacBook are very comfortable to the touch, but unfortunately they are more difficult to clean than the conventional ones . Many manufacturers recommend removing the keys to proceed with cleaning, but in this case the most comfortable will be to use compressed air and if there are small stains, it is best to use a wet microfiber cloth . In this way, the rag will not leave small scratches on the keys.


In the latest version of the MacBook, the Cupertino have been eliminating the ports in their designs. However, as it is obvious many users still use older versions, which comes with several ports. To make a correct cleaning of the ports, it is best to use compressed air , and never to use liquids, as these would instantly damage the port rendering it useless.
Ports of the MacBook Pro 2012


Undoubtedly, the screen is one of the components that become more easily littered . If the screen is dusty, it will be best to use cloths catching dust , as they do not require any liquid and will leave the screen as new.
If, on the contrary, the screen contains stains, it is best to use liquid suitable for screens . This product can be found in any technology store or cleaning.
Profile of a MacBook Pro Retina
These are some of the tips I've wanted to share, based on my personal experience. And you, what other methods do you use to clean your Mac ?

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