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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do I buy an iPhone 7 Plus or a OnePlus 5?

I propose a game: let's play to find the 7 differences. You see them? Do not think this is another article by many criticizing the design of OnePlus 5 , but we can not find them. Oh it's true! They are in the interior, as everything they say is important. The same thing has to think the mark to inspire itself for its design , and we will not be the ones that we remove all the reason that it has. However, seeing one and the other - no, there is no mirror in the middle - with which we are now?

Buy an iPhone 7 Plus and not the OnePlus 5

¿ What can provide you with a OnePlus 5 not have the flagship of Cupertino? Yes, it is true that the latter has the latest in terms of hardware, an indecent amount of RAM and an impressive fast charging , admittedly, although the Cupertino terminal is not to be left behind, but he endures The pulse without being disheveled , getting to excel in certain sections.
We will not tell you the specifications sheet of both devices, if you are here it is because you know them more than enough. However, if it touches to emphasize how Apple again passes the hand to the face in fluidity . No, we're not saying that the iPhone 7 Plus is more fluid - in fact it's the opposite - but it's outrageous to do so with less RAM. Another section where the same thing happens is the battery, and is that although it does not have any type of fast charging technology , the iPhone 7 Plus has an enviable duration , something that seems to be unable to say the new terminal of the Of OnePlus.
Of course, if you have reached this point of the article, I will be sincere. Seeing one and the other, there is no doubt. Head over to the OnePlus 5 . They will not look at you saying "go, cool, have an iPhone", but you'll have what is possibly the best and most balanced Android terminal . What will be missing some detail of the iPhone 7 Plus? It may be, but with what you save, you will forget those details.

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