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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Do not burn yourself! We recommend the best applications to know the rate of ultraviolet radiation

The heat has come to stay in Spain. Winter clothing has ceded the place in the closet to those shirts and shorts last summer. With the heat come the long hours on the beach or the pool and the sun striking the skin. It is strongly recommended to use protection factor, since the rate of ultraviolet radiation is very high during this time, but if you do not know what factor you should use these applications can help. Let's start!

Ultraviolet UV index, the simplest and most practical

This application allows us to know what the ultraviolet radiation index is and thus to adjust our protection and exposure to the sun.
As you well know, exposure to ultraviolet light is dangerous, not only can we burn but can lead to many more serious problems. For this reason, it is very important that we always take the appropriate measures when we are going to expose ourselves to the sun.
If you are going to go outside and expose yourself to the sun, just by taking a look at this application you will see the level of protection you may need. In addition, it is important to note that the temperature has nothing to do with the level of ultraviolet radiation since it can make less heat and have a high ultraviolet light radiation index or vice versa.
What do we find in  Ultraviolet - UV index app ? Current levels of ultraviolet radiation and the next day. Propose ideas on how to protect against the current index. It also offers the possibility of a version without ads, although in the free ads do not bother.
Ultraviolet - UV
Index of ultraviolet radiation in Madrid

UV Lens, a more complete application to combat ultraviolet radiation

Another of the most interesting applications that currently exist is UV Lens . This application offers us many more alternatives, from the most recommended hours to be exposed to the sun or how it can affect us depending on the type of skin that we have.  This application offers a small test so we can know what kind of skin we have and thus still better adapt our strategies to protect us from the sun. In addition, UV Lens allows us to add a widget so we can have the most accessible information ever.

Now it's your turn. Tell us, do you know other applications that you find interesting to protect us from the sun this summer? Leave us your alternatives and recommendations below. We will be happy to read to you!
If on the other hand you prefer to protect yourself from the sun avoiding leaving, you can read this article about the arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV and thus spend a cool summer without exposure to the sun.

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