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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Do you suffer migraines? Here we leave you the two most useful applications to manage your control

Do you suffer migraines? Do not you know how to control the causes that cause it? For this there are applications that allow you to record when you have a migraine, symptoms, duration and even what factors have helped your improvement . Here I am going to present you the two most interesting.

With Migraine Buddy I have been able to know myself better and to know what situations I must control to avoid migraines

Migraine Buddy is available for both Android and iOS, being the  number 1 application for migraines .
Migraine Buddy is an application designed for tracking and recording migraines It has been  designed and created by neurologists and patients for the purpose of contributing to research on migraine . This application will help us  identify the triggers of migraine, its symptoms, how often they appear and how long they last, we can assess the intensity of pain and location, the medications we take to try to stop feeling bad and other factors Lifestyle so that users can improve their condition and prevent future migraines. In addition, Migraine Buddy provides us with an easy-to-read summary report for users so we can take action.
It is the simplest and most suitable application for what I need . It has allowed me to know better the antecedents that cause me a migraine and how to treat it or even avoid it. In addition, it informs the weather and the atmospheric pressure that in many cases can be the cause of migraines. Remember that weather can have a big impact on our health.
You can download this application completely free here .
Screenshots of the Migraine Buddy app on iPhone

IMigraine, for the tracing of symptoms

IMigraine is a diary designed to track and record migraines . This application is available on both iOS and Android and, with it, we can register from the medication that we use specific for this disorder, painkillers that we use or for headaches in general . It is specially designed to introduce our experience and symptoms. IMigraine has been created with the advice of experts in the field.
This application is specially designed so that patients can register their migraines and the aura, the prodromes, the causes , the symptoms that we suffer and the medication  that we take to try to appease the pain. In addition, this application offers the possibility that we have a complete report of our migraines and help us to have an efficient treatment for them.
In this case, this application is very simple to use, in addition to being very intuitive, so it will not cost you anything to start doing with it. You can download iMigraine for free here , and you can opt for a version without advertising for € 4.49.
IMigraine app captures on iPhone
Finally, it is important to highlight the fact that both applications allow you to register with your e-mail , so you can access the data from anywhere. You will only have to download the application in another device and enter your data to log in, this way you will have access to all your information . Therefore, if you change device and even operating system (since both applications are available on Android and iOS) you can access all your records.
If any of the applications you have chosen do not like, remember that you can return it within 14 days of purchase (if you have opted for the paid version). In this article we explain how to do it.
And you, do you know another interesting application for the registration and control of migraines? Leave us your opinion, experience in the comment box below. We will be happy to read to you!

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